Spa Products

‘Bromine Concentrate’ by BioGuard

  • Sanitizer
  • Easy to use, no pre-dissolving
  • Dual acting as both sanitizer and oxidizer, eliminates need for two products

‘Bromine Tablets’ by BioGuard

  • Sanitizer
  • Dissolves slowly
  • Used in a floating dispenser

‘Antifoam’ by BioGuard

  • Eliminates any surface foam caused by undesirable compounds
  • Use with all sanitizers
  • For use in all hot tubs and spas

‘Shock Oxidizer’ by BioGuard

  • Non chlorine oxidizer that destroys organic contaminants
  • Quick dissolving
  • Treat and soak in 15 min
  • Does not raise chlorine residual, can be used with chlorine and bromine spas
  • Apply directly to water while pump is circulating

‘Water Clarifier’ by BioGuard

  • Helps clear cloudy water
  • Does not affect PH
  • Combines small particles into larger ones for easier filtration