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Pool Construction

Front Range Aquatech has been constructing exceptional swimming pools throughout the state of Colorado for more than 30 years. We are the professionals.

Our construction crews are practiced at working closely with general contractors to deliver each pool project within budget, and on schedule.

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Colorado High School Pool

The Swimming Pool Construction Process...

Pool Design
This is the first step in the construction of each swimming pool or spa, and the surrounding landscaping. Our expert designers will prepare a custom pool design specifically for each unique property, taking into consideration the property layout, budget, and requested features.

After settling on a specific design and project scope, we create detailed blueprints that are then provided to the city/county in order to obtain the necessary construction permits. This process can take days or weeks depending on the pool location, town, zoning, etc.

The initial building phase includes excavating the area where the pool will lie. This usually includes removing barriers, fences, walls, etc., and then digging and moving dirt with heavy equipment. Access dirt will be moved to an official dump site by Front Range Aquatech.

Steel Reinforcement
Next we will place steel rebar according to what is called for in the particular design we are constructing.

Rough Plumbing
At this stage we place the piping for the pool water and the electrical to the swimming pool. We pressurize the system. Then we call for an inspection of the steel, bonding, and underground.

We are now ready to apply the shell of the pool. Shot-crete/Gunite is applied by high pressure air to the steel reinforcement.

The shot-crete or gunite is then allowed to cure for seven to ten days. During this phase water is applied to the shell a couple of times each day in order to slow the cure and make the shell stronger. We typically take advantage of this cure time by using it to make stone, concrete, tile, and boulder selection.

After the shell has cured sufficiently, we start installing the coping, tile, and any water-features that might be included in the pool design.

Equipment Set
Next we install all of the pool equipment including: pumps, filters, lighting, salt systems, electronics, and heaters. Once these are installed we call for a pre-plaster inspection.

Once we have the approval from the city/county inspectors, we apply the plaster, hydrazzo, or pebble finish, and water is placed in the pool immediately.

Decking and Landscaping
Finishing work, including the building of decking and professional landscaping is completed next. This can include concrete, tile, brick, or wood stuctures, fountains, walls, water slides and more.

The servicing of your pool is the final stage, and one of the most important. Front Range Aquatech is committed to servicing and maintaining your pool into the future.